Duplicate, Edit, and Share Your Courseware

How to duplicate, edit, and share your courseware.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel. If you'd like to build off existing material, (or any courses for that matter), it's easy to duplicate, copy and edit the material in minutes.

Follow the steps below to duplicate, edit and share your new course.

1. Duplicate your courseware

Head to the courses page and select the three dots on the top right hand corner of the course to open two options: delete and duplicate.

Click the button that looks like two pieces of paper to duplicate it. 


Once you’ve duplicated it, you'll see a new copy appear in your account, which you can then open up and edit. 

Learn about other ways to duplicate a course in this article here.

2. Edit your courseware

Click the edit button on the course to open up the course settings page for a course.


This will open up the course settings page as you see below. 3-Dec-22-2022-11-24-12-3782-AM

This is where you can make all course level configuration changes. This includes changing the name, branding, and access rules. This is where you can also add new lessons, or other lesson types like discussions, assignments, and virtual classrooms, and more.

Click the name of a lesson to open up more settings on a lesson level, for that particular lesson.


This is there you can make edits to the lesson name, description, access rules, and more on an individual lesson level. Learn more about lesson level configurations here. 

Note: If you also click the ‘Edit Content’ button on the lesson on the courses page, you will directly open up the authoring / editing tool for that lesson. 

3. Edit the lesson content

Now that you've clicked Edit lesson content, you'll be taken to the authoring tool. On the left hand side you'll see a preview of your lesson, where you can see a live preview as you make edits to your lessons.


In the center, you will see the configuration panel. This is where you can make all edits to the texts/image boxes. The the right hand slide navigation bar will show you the templates being used, and which template you are making edits on. You can also rearrange templates by selecting and dragging them around. Learn how to move, and duplicate slides here.

To add a new slide to your lesson, simply select the light blue ‘Add a new slide’ button in the bottom right hand side of the page to choose from one of our 80 templates available to add new content to your lesson. Make sure you save your work once you’re done or use our autosave option.

4. Publish your courseware

Publish the course by hovering over the course, click the edit button. And then publish on the top right. Once published, it will light up blue and say 'Published' on the main course page to show you that it’s been published and ready to be shared. 


5. Share your courseware

Share your new course with your colleagues! Invite your team to see the course using the below options. 

Create an individual user, invite a user to EdApp with an invite link or code and invite a user to EdApp via email / bulk upload